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From thousands of ADHD patients and over a century of combined medical experience, we know what you need to conquer the challenges and opportunities of ADHD


Book an initial assessment appointment online with one of our passionate and experienced Hype! Neurodevelopmental and Mental Health Doctors. No referral is necessary!


Complete the extensive background information forms that will be emailed to you, prior to your first Doctor appointment.


Your Doctor will decide which automated psychometric assessment tools are most applicable for your situation, whether you need other allied health or physical assessments and investigations, and whether you require a more formal ADHD assessment using the TOVA-9 computerised attention and impulsivity test.


If there is sufficient evidence to continue with ADHD testing, your Doctor will recommend you book a 50 minute comprehensive assessment and discuss the results of your testing with you during this appointment, and if possible, detail your provisional diagnosis and management options.


The Doctor will decide if they are able to offer medication treatment to you without seeing a specialist, and if so, will give you information about medication options to consider, and request you book another Doctor appointment to start a medication trial.


The Doctor will then discuss your child’s case with our supervising Child Psychiatrist Dr. Shannon Morton, to receive her ratification of the diagnosis, and approval for medication to be started, before your medication appointment.


In the meantime, if the Doctor has made a provisional diagnosis of ADHD for your child, you will receive a comprehensive ADHD information pack with resources and psychosocial interventions to try, as well as referral to our “Vibe” Social Skills Groups, “Dope” Club Dopamine Activity Program, and an ADHD coach or Psychologist for additional support if needed.


They will discuss which psychological techniques may be useful for you, as part of a tailored psychological, social, and biological treatment plan.


If the Doctor feels that you need a review with a Psychiatrist or Paediatrician, they will refer you to one, and ensure that your comprehensive assessment summary reaches them, to make this assessment the most cost-effective as possible.

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