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Are you having trouble finding a medical specialist who diagnoses and treats ADHD? 

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Why Hype!?

Because we bring the Hype! to your ADHD healthcare. Who better to be hyped about your hype, than you and your doctor? Unleash your ADHD superpower today!

Get in early

ADHD affects approximately 5% of the population, and a child living with ADHD will have received 20,000 negative comments, criticisms, or corrections, by the age of 10. This can greatly affect their self-esteem, ability to perform at school or socially, and make ADHDers more prone to anxiety and depression. Early intervention for ADHD can prevent a lot of suffering. 

Help when you need it

The path to ADHD diagnosis and treatment has traditionally been complicated, very expensive, and difficult to access. Some Psychologists are charging thousands of dollars for expensive ADHD assessments, despite the recent AADPA national guidelines stating that these assessments are not necessary for ADHD diagnosis. Psychologists are also not able to prescribe the most effective medication treatments for ADHD, and few Psychiatrists or Paediatricians are taking on new patients, or have very long waiting lists.

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Did you know that in Queensland, seeing a Psychiatrist or Paediatrician is not required for ADHD to be diagnosed, or ADHD medication started, for 6 to 18 year olds? Unfortunately, few GPs have the skills, training, expertise, and confidence, to diagnose and manage ADHD, so the medical specialist shortage bottleneck is preventing many people from receiving the life changing healthcare they need at an early age. The Hype! ADHD Centre model of care is breaking through these barriers, and will fast track access to quality comprehensive holistic ADHD assessment and treatment, according to the latest 2022 AADPA national guidelines.

Holistic approach

Hype! offers an innovative, neurodiversity-affirming, integrated, biopsychosocial program. Our Hype! Medical Doctors, many with lived experience of neurodiversity in themselves or their families, undergo additional training and supervision with a Specialist Psychiatrist in all areas of ADHD assessment and management. They also receive additional training and Psychiatrist support in managing commonly co-occurring medical conditions, to fast-track access to comprehensive healthcare for ADHD, as well as other neurodevelopmental and mental health conditions. 

Cutting edge help

Due to their extensive training, our Hype! Medical Doctors are able to assess and treat uncomplicated ADHD in 6 to 18 year olds, without the need for a Psychiatrist or Paediatrician review, or expensive psychological testing, using cost-effective state of the art computerised assessment tools, which have been validated by research. All children who start medication with our Doctors will have their case discussed and ratified with our supervising Child Psychiatrist Dr Shannon Morton, prior to treatment starting.

Bit tricky to treat?

Children with complex presentations (e.g. other conditions as well as ADHD, such as Autism, significant Mental Health or risk concerns, or Tic disorders), children under the age of 6, or adults over the age of 18, may still need to see a Medical Specialist, such as a Psychiatrist, or a Paediatrician. However, our Hype! Doctors are able to get the ball rolling, with an extensive comprehensive assessment, which will allow a one-off Medical Specialist appointment to be more cost-effective. Hype! Doctors can “line up all the ducks” with your assessment prior to referring you to one of our Psychiatrists for a comprehensive 291 second opinion and 12 month management plan. Afterwards, you can return to our Hype! Doctors for ongoing, more affordable, and easier to access, long-term care.

Hyperfocus in Healthcare... makes all the difference!

With our model of care it will mean you can access ADHD healthcare faster, and for approximately half the out of pocket costs, of treatment as usual. To start this process, you can book online today without a need for a referral.

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